Having completed a degree in sociology, I decided it was time to go and explore the world…. My journey started in Morocco, who opened her doors to Africa…a continent I didn’t stop discovering during 10 years of photographing for humanitarian organisations such as Water Aid, CARE and Medecins sans Frontieres.

It’s both the suffering and the dignity of the people of Africa that I hope comes across in my work.  From ‘Secrets of the Sahara’, my exhibition at the British Museum, to numerous travel books and the covers of newspapers and magazines, capturing those ‘true’ moments in life is what my photography is all about.  Blink and the moment’s gone…

Deciding it was time to put down some roots, in 2005 I moved to Marrakech where I photographed international weddings and events, as well as continuing my commissions for travel books & magazines and launching my Photo Experiences. Now based between France, Morocco and the rest of the world, I continue to travel back and forth, armed with a camera and doing what I love.

To view more of my work, please see www.suzanneporter.com or visit the first floor corridor of La Mamounia Hotel.

And in French…

Suzanne termine des études de sociologie en Angleterre quand elle décide en 1988 d’aller explorer le monde. Elle commence son périple par le Maroc qui lui ouvre les portes de l’Afrique … continent qu’elle ne cessera d’explorer par son travail aux côtés de multiples organisations humanitaires tel que Medecins sans Frontieres.

C’est à la fois la détresse et l’espoir émergents de ses multiples rencontres africaines qui s’expriment dans son travail. Que ses “touaregs”, soient exposés au British Museum, publiés dans de multiples guides de voyage, ou qu’elles aient fait la couverture de multiples magazines, c’est son art de capturer de “vrai” moments de vie qui constitue vraiment le centre de son travail et lui vaut le succès qu’elle rencontre aujourd’hui.

Suzanne est maintenant installée à Marrakech depuis 2005.